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Unpaid community service

You may be eligible to have an unpaid fine or penalty converted to unpaid community service if you have a debt registered with us. This may be available to you if you cannot afford to pay your debt in full or by regular instalments.

The order converting a debt is called a fine option order.

The current rate is $25.20 per hour. This means that if your total debt with us is $252, for example, and we approve your application for a fine option order, you will need to do 10 hours of unpaid community service. As long as you complete all the hours of community service ordered in the time specified, you will have paid your debt.

If you don’t complete all the hours of community service, the fine option order may be revoked and you will be ordered to pay the outstanding debt. You may also find it difficult to obtain a fine option order on other debts in the future.

Who can apply

To apply for a fine option order, you must:

You may be eligible for support if you are experiencing hardship.

When we receive your application, we will conduct a financial assessment to determine if you are eligible. If you have the means of paying your fine, you will not be granted a fine option order.


If your fine option order is approved, you must:

  • report to your nearest probation and parole office (Queensland Corrective Services) within 14 days—they will direct you to a suitable project
  • perform your allocated hours of unpaid community service as directed by your probation and parole officer
  • notify us and the probation and parole office you report to if your address is changing—your fine option order may be revoked if you don’t tell us within 2 business days
  • notify us and the probation and parole office you report to if you wish to make any payments while performing community service.

If your circumstances change, and you can pay the debt:

  • in full—contact your probation and parole office for a payout figure and then contact us to make your payment
  • by instalments—contact your probation and parole office to advise them of your change in circumstances, and contact us to apply for an instalment plan.

Note: Money paid to us may not necessarily be used to pay the debts covered by your fine option orders if you have other outstanding debts with us.


Not all fines or orders are able to be converted to unpaid community service. These include:

Last reviewed:
1 July 2017

Want to know more about unpaid community service?

Probation and Parole runs the community service program. For more information, see the factsheets available from the Queensland Corrective Services website.




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