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Vehicle immobilisations

We may issue a notice of intention to issue an immobilisation warrant if you have not yet paid your enforcement order and owe $5,000 or more.

If you do not contact us to make payment within 14 days, we may proceed to issue an immobilisation warrant authorising an enforcement officer to attach a wheel clamp without your consent to any vehicle registered in your name (including cars, motorbikes, trailers or caravans).

Any vehicle registered in your name can be immobilised wherever it is parked (including at your home, work or in a public place). Notices will be attached to the front windscreen as well as the driver’s side window, advising that the vehicle has been immobilised by SPER due to unpaid fines or orders.

You can pay online or by contacting us on 1300 365 635. If you don’t pay your outstanding debt within 5 days of immobilising your vehicle, we may issue a warrant to seize and sell it.


We will not immobilise your vehicle if it can be proved that doing so would cause you significant hardship. Other factors we consider include whether:

  • immobilisation would leave you without a means of transport to get to work or school and you are unable to get to work or school by any other means (e.g. public transport)
  • your employee has full personal use of the vehicle under an employment contract with you, and they rely on the vehicle in the ordinary course of their employment.
Last reviewed:
20 January 2017




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