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Registered interests in property

If you receive an enforcement order and you have not taken action in time, we may issue a warrant to impose a charge on your property.

A charge may apply to all or part of your interest in property—this may include real estate, vehicles and vessels. This means that if you attempt to sell or transfer your property, or your interest in it, the amount owed to us must be paid to remove the registered interest first.

We may also:

  • apply to obtain a court order to prevent you from selling your property
  • impose a charge over other personal property.

See section 110 of the State Penalties Enforcement Act 1999 for more information.

If a charge is placed on your property, a copy of the warrant will be sent to you.

Vehicles and vessels

If we have registered an interest in your vehicle or vessel, it will be recorded in the national Personal Property Securities Register.

If you try to sell the vehicle, the buyer will know that we have registered an interest over it and may choose not to buy it until the interest is completely removed.

Real estate

If we have registered an interest in your real estate, it will be recorded with the Titles Registry. If you are considering selling or transferring your property, you will need to pay the amount owed to us for the sale or transfer to proceed.

Cancelling a registered interest

Contact us to pay your debt and remove a registered interest.

Last reviewed:
7 March 2018




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