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Debts registered with SPER
as at 31 January 2018

SPER has collected $164.9 million as at 31 January 2018 for the 2017–18 financial year.

Debts can originate from:

The following table shows the number and value of debts that have been registered with us and finalised by us. 

Registered and finalised debts, 2017–18 Referring agency Number of penalties Value
New debts registered with SPER
Debts lodged with us by courts and other referring agencies
Courts 153,800 $57,919,491
State government 370,716 $123,083,881
Other agencies 87,522 $17,802,229
Debts finalised by SPER
Debts resolved through payment, unpaid community work, debt write-off, etc.
Courts 134,915 $49,290,387
State government 394,752 $114,609,389
Other agencies 65,649 $12,100,787

Debts can be referred to us by a variety of referring agencies:

  • Courts include magistrates, district and supreme courts monetary orders, which may include fines payable to the state government or to third parties for compensation, restitution, costs, etc. Offender levies are also included in this category.
  • State government includes government departments, and those agencies that do not pay a registration fee when referring a penalty—such as Electoral Commission Queensland, Department of Transport and Main Roads (including fines issued by Queensland Police Service, Traffic Camera Office and Queensland Rail), Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, and Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. Monies collected are generally retained by the state.
  • Other includes all local government authorities (i.e. councils) and other agencies that pay a registration fee when referring a penalty; such as universities, some hospital boards and port authorities. The fines collected are transferred back to the agencies.

Debts registered with us fall into one of the following 4 categories depending on the status of the debt. 

Total registered debts, 2017–18 Number of penalties Value
Debts under active compliance
Debts not overdue or being managed through a payment arrangement, unpaid community work, etc.
1,488,867 $380,824,547
Debts under active enforcement
Debts where enforcement action has been taken due to non-compliance
907,758 $276,485,140
Debts under deferral
Debts deferred from further action (i.e. awaiting response from reminder notices, under dispute or deferred for people affected by natural disasters)
262,898 $91,787,637
Debts awaiting enforcement
Debts pending enforcement (e.g. queued for driver licence suspension) or awaiting additional information before further enforcement action can be taken
1,576,080 $467,292,576

Courts 911,618 $372,108,104
State government 2,756,301 $748,499,530
Other 567,684 $95,782,267
Last reviewed:
12 February 2018




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