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Infringement notices

An infringement notice is a ticket issued 'on the spot' or sent via email or post for offences such as speeding, parking illegally or toll evasion.

The infringement notice contains information about the alleged offence and fine amount. You will have 28 days to choose one of the following options:

If you do not act on your infringement notice within 28 days:

  • you may be prosecuted in a Magistrates Court
  • the issuing agency can lodge the infringement notice with us and we will then issue an enforcement order with a new due date by which to pay your unpaid fine or take another action.

If you do not act within the specified timeframe, we may take one or more enforcement actions against you.

Community service instead of payment

There is no arrangement that allows an infringement notice to be converted to unpaid community service before a fine is registered with us and you are issued with an enforcement order.

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Last reviewed:
20 January 2017

Who should you call?

SPER does not send out infringement notices. If you have a query about your infringement notice, contact the issuing agency directly.






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